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Rosa A. Torres, MD

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My name is Rosa Angeles Torres MD. I was born in Leon Nicaragua, Central America, where I also completed my medical education at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. I was doing an Intensive Care residency when war interrupted our lives and we had to move to the United States. At that time I was already married to my loving husband, Oscar, and had one child. Barely speaking the language, we moved to the US and worked very hard to pass our medical equivalences and started our residency at the Wichita Falls Family Medicine Residency Program in Wichita Falls, TX.  Upon completion, I worked as a faculty member in the same program. In addition, we started our practice, Texoma Familly Clinic. I worked along side of my husband for over 23 years until we joined URPG four (4) years ago.

Over the past few years, I began to realized how much I missed the personal contact and care of each of my patients.  This reason being, we decided it was best to move forward with a new, and at the same time, old concept of medical care, where only the patient and the physician make decisions about your medical care. The insurance companies, employers, or other entities, no longer have a say regarding your medical care. Remember those days? With our direct primary care model, we will be able to provide personalized care to you and your family for a small monthly fee that will give you direct access to your doctor and your nurse with a simple phone call or email. Medical care does not need to be complicated when you leave third parties out!


We strive to be transparent and up front with our costs. We provide lower cost for labs, pathology services, and imaging, such as X rays. Also, all your in-office care is included in your monthly fee. This includes chronic care, sick care, urgent care, basic procedures, and some emergency care. Your care should be affordable, comprehensive, accessible, and convenient. That's what Texoma Direct Primary care offer you!


I am very excited to be able to serve you the way I was taught to care for my patients — with compassion and love. I also invest time in staying current with training to ensure your are getting quality care.


Enroll today and let us help you transition to medical care the way it should be.

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